Aerial Inspection

We use the most technologically advanced drone systems to perform your roof or building inspection. This service can be added to all our home and commercial inspections (excluding walk-through inspections). 

Climbing on the roof with ladders is an obsolete, dangerous and destructive method. Eaves and siding can be damaged with ladders and walking on the actual roof can cause further harm to deteriorating shingles or other roofing materials.

Many roofing companies have a clause in the fine print of their warranty that will render it void should damage be caused by walking on the roof depending on the material used.

Many roof areas also cannot be seen or accessed by a traditional physical inspection due to slope and other conditions. Exterior building inspections that are higher than three stories usually cannot be accessed to inspect exterior condition with ladders and would require swing stages or simple binocular inspection.

(If there is access to the roof through a door or access ladder, we will supplement our drone inspection with a physical walk through.)

 A drone mitigates all these issues and provides a better inspection.

Let us provide you with the best inspection available in our industry using our drone technology.

Pictures of the complete roof system will be supplied with our report.

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