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What We Do

At Castle Developments, we are committed to making neighborhoods and cities a better place to live, through thoughtful planning and an emphasis on green technologies. Our focus is not just city building for the sake of density and profit, but more importantly, community focused ventures for the purpose of  bettering people's lives.  

We work with Toronto and the surrounding GTA area where there has been a mandate to increase density without regard to the environment and the impact that such planning will have on the future.

Our Green Mission

We value the importance of how future development impacts the cities we do business in. We strive to create the greatest possible green spaces in urban environments. We believe that by repurposing  and creating new vibrant  dwellings within our existing infrastructure, we can bring people closer to the community and remind them of the nature of our past and the responsibility we hold for the future. 

Use of advanced technology

We are committed to using all the resources we have at our disposal. We work closely with new and existing organizations in an attempt to utilize the most advanced, cost saving, environmentally friendly applications in the construction and day to day management of the buildings we construct. These long term measures are an attempt at limiting the impact our developments have on our environment while being socially responsible for the communities our future owners and tenants live and work in.

What we need from you

We are always looking to improve our company and our surrounding areas.

If you have a suggestion or idea for us, regarding energy saving infrastructure, areas for development, or ideas for social and environmental change, feel free to email us anytime at:

[email protected]