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Home Inspection

Our Home Inspection Division offers a complete range of home inspection services.

Our Certified Home Inspectors are vigorously trained in defect recognition in order to be able to evaluate and assess your property thoroughly. We take great pride in our Home Inspections.

We know how important your current or future home and investment is. It is our company motto that every house is a home, so when we inspect, we treat it as if it was our own.

A comprehensive home inspection will pay for itself many times over in long term savings!

Scroll down to learn more about the various types of home inspections we offer.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

This inspection is for clients who are purchasing a home with the condition of a home inspection.

We will put together a detailed inspection report with pictures along with deficiencies and damage that requires attention. We will also provide recommendations regarding the urgency of repair.

This report can be used to negotiate final purchase price or have the current owner repair the deficiencies before you take ownership of your new home or property. 

Pre-Listing Inspection

This inspection is for current homeowners who are planning on listing their home or property for sale.

This is a good informational tool before listing in order to help current owners address any safety concerns and deficiencies.

This will also protect against flawed or over estimated home inspection repair estimates stated during the sale process by potential purchasers.

Knowing the deficiencies before hand, will help your real estate agent achieve maximized pricing and successful negotiations during the sale process.

This service includes a thorough inspection report with high resolution digital photos of any deficiencies.

Tarion Inspection

This inspection is for newly built homes.

Tarion is an Ontario Government warranty service for New Builds. 

The builder warrants the new house to be free from defects and deficiencies, fit to live in, and will meet building code requirements for ONE YEAR after possession. The new homeowner is responsible for notifying the builder and Tarion in writing of any complaints within 30 days of possession and within 30 days prior to the one year anniversary date.

Let us perform your 30 day inspection along with the following required year end inspection to ensure all work has been completed to your satisfaction. This inspection will also make sure that if any new issues arise during the warranty period, you will be covered under Tarion.  

We will also provide the final 7 year inspection at no extra cost included in this package.

Walk-Through Inspection

This Inspection is designed for the potential purchaser of a home, who would like a simple inspection.

This is a low cost, effective way to have a home Inspected if you are looking at various properties.

There is no report provided. The inspector will look at all major components of the home and provide a verbal brief or summary of the condition and any evident concerns or defects.

We accept the following forms of payment

We Accept The Following Forms Of Payment:

 3% transaction fee applies for all credit cards.

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